Private Yoga Therapy

If you are interested in an  individually designed Yoga Wellness program to support you on your path to increased wellness, please call to make an appointment for a free 30 minute introduction. We will explain how the program works.

Private Yoga Therapy With Cathy Daley - Professional Yoga Therapist (CIAYT)

Your investment is: 

$75 per session.    

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Yoga Therapy

There is ancient wisdom inhabiting our bodies.
Somewhere in there, our cells know how to create a beating heart. Our white blood cells instinctively move to the cut on our fingure. Our enzymes know how to break down an apple. Yet we hardly know this most intimate environment.

We spend most of the time in our head.
We have life experiences we don't know how to process, so we stuff them inside. Over time, our body becomes a walking autobiography of our life's stresses and strains. When our body signals us with an ache, pain or emotional upset, we reach for medication or find someone else to "fix" us. It's no wonder our body and mind become strangers.

The mind and the body are not separate.
There is one healing art that brings the mind and body back together, to reclaim your inner resources. Integrative Yoga Therapy.

Wellness comes from the inside out, not the outside in.
Integrative Yoga Therapy will assist you in working out chronic tension on a physical level. Whether your pain stems from a major trauma like an accident or from the less recognized trauma of high stress or self-neglect, yoga therapy offers a powerful, safe and natural path to well being.


An Integrative Yoga Therapy session combines classical yoga techniques with elements of contemporary psychology.
Through guided breathing and assisted yoga postures, you are brought to the edge of deep physical sensations. Here, with awareness focused on your body's sensations, you will be guided into awareness about what's happening in your body.

Integrative Yoga Therapy will not fix you.
Rather than trying to change anything, you will be guided to simply listen to your body's wisdom. Listening with compassion and acceptance.

It will empower you to heal yourself.
The session concludes by connecting this inner wisdom with issues current in your life.
It's no coincidence that there is a link. It's called the body/mind connection. Because the work is grounded in the body, you'll probably leave your session looking and feeling better than when you arrived. What's more, you'll have more clarity about your next step in life.

Regardless of your current exercise program, you can benefit from Integrative Yoga Therapy.
When you work with a trained practitioner, it's a safe and nurturing process. If you feel ready to try it, give me a call.