Cathy Daley-Owner/Director/Teacher

Cathy is trained and certified as a Yoga Teacher in Kripalu/Hatha method of yoga by the Kripalu Center. Cathy is also trained and certified (500 hrs) as a Professional Yoga Therapist through Integrative Yoga Therapy Institute.



Yoga Philosophy - Taking your Yoga to a Deeper Level

Yoga Philosophy:  Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:00AM

(before the regular group class starting at 10:15).

Use Class Pass or $15 Drop -In

Includes the following:

Meaning of Yoga

Yoga Sutras


Yoga Means Union But Union With What? (Sutra 1.3)

Who is God According to Yoga (Sutra 1.3?)

What is the Purpose of Asana (+ pranayama)

What Does Yoga Say About the Psyche (Koshas)

The Koshas 5 Layers of Being (Koshas)

The Pursuit of Pleasure Understanding Your Cravings (Kleshas)

Three Fundamental Forces (Gunas Nature/Chart)

Release the Grip of the Ego

Control of the Senses.  Yoga’s Forgotten Limb (Pratyahara)

Patanjalis 10 Steps to a Happier Life

Making Peace with Desire ((Desire)

Jnana Yoga. The Path of Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita

Its Alright to Cry

Ego vs Will and Meaning of Self Study (Svadhyaya)

Dont Take It Personally. A Practice of NonViolence (Ahimsa)

The Middle Path of Restraint (Brahmacharya/Yamas)

A Practice in Unfastening Fear ( Antidote to Abhinivesa)

Understanding Prana (The Koshas. The 5 Pranas)

Heating up your Yoga (Understanding Tapas)

Yoga Philosophy Basics: The 5 Niyamas

Yoga Philosophy Basics: The 5 Yamas

Yoga Philosophy Fundamentals



Lead Teacher: Cathy Daley E-RYT500 Professional Yoga Therapist

Call Cathy to discuss.  (941) 302-1004

C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist)

E-RYT 500 - Integrative Yoga Therapy.  Professional Yoga Therapist

Cathy is trained and registered as a Professional Yoga Therapist through Integrative Yoga Therapy Institute. (500 hrs of Integrative Yoga Therapy.  200 hrs Kripalu/Hatha Method).  

 Best Yoga Instructor  - Natural Awakenings 2011, 2012,2013,2014

In my own life Yoga is one of the greatest gifts I’ve received. It not only enhances health and vitality, but it also brings lasting inner peace, happiness, and wellness”, said Cathy Daley. “It has always been my intention to provide a setting where it would be easy for everyone to experience Yoga’s life-enhancing benefits regardless of their age, health or situation in life.”


Where:  Alive With Yoga Studio.  7513 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34238

Cost:  Same a regular class (Use card or $15 drop in)