"Encouraging thoughtful movement"



Yoga's Got Your Back
With Cathy Daley - Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)

Who should attend a Yoga’s Got Your Back Class?


  • Anyone who has back issues, tightness and /or weakness.


  • Anyone who has other specific muscular tightness /weakness- it could be shoulders, hips, legs, arms and/or neck.


  • Anyone who has been wanting to try, or has been recommended to try Yoga but has felt they may not be able to do it and/or may not fit into a general Yoga class.


  • Anyone who desires a class that offers them personalised attention so that they feel comfortable to experience the benefits of Yoga while catering to their own body and its specific needs.


  • Anyone that has wanted to try Yoga but for other specific reasons has felt afraid to.


So if any of the above categories apply to you then I encourage you to come along to this class.