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Mindfulness and Mindset Coach

Greetings, and welcome to my site. My name is Cathy Daley. My goal is to help your body, health, and mind reach their peak potential. My focus is on Integrative Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness and Meditation.

Cathy is trained and registered as a Professional Yoga Therapist through Integrative Yoga Therapy Institute.  Also registered as a Certified Yoga Therapist through International Association of Yoga Therapists. with Integrative Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness, I do not simply help you realign a foot or lengthen your spine. Instead, I invest the time to understand your specific needs as an individual. I learn more about your specific health conditions. And then I create a student-centered program for you, with me acting as a facilitator to bring you toward a personal awakening.

I help you find your true self and your source of wellness. You will develop a harmonious connection with your body, mind, and spirit. See More


What you can discover, is that “not knowing” the “how” everything will happen in life, but connecting to the “essence” of what you want to have happen is key to creating a full and rich life.

The essence of what you are seeking is already right within you, and when you connect to that essence which is already at your core – you are liberated to have the external world reflect what your heart truly desires with ease and grace.

When you are living connected to that which is at your core, you can be calm and confident about the direction you are going and co-create with life’s unfolding. You can live in the flow of nature’s intelligence and experience harmony that simultaneously supports your aspirations, health, finances, and relationships.

I am also Certified in “THE SEDONA METHOD Philosophy and Techniques Coaching program”.

What is The Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is a simple, powerful, and easy-to-learn technique that shows you how to uncover your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment.

What makes the Sedona Method a powerful tool (that really works!) is that it is a process you can use anytime, anyplace, to improve any area of your life and to uncover happiness and joy that is right within you.

How it Works

There are five ways to approach the process of releasing, and they all lead to the same result: liberating your natural ability to let go of any unwanted emotion on the spot, and allowing some of the suppressed energy in your subconscious to dissipate revealing your unlimited potential.

The first way is by choosing to let go of the unwanted feeling. The second way is to welcome the feeling, to allow the emotion just to be. The third way is to dive into the very core of the emotion. The fourth way is by dissolving the opposing polarities we all carry, and the fifth way is by seeing through the feeling to the effortless Awareness that is right behind it.

Likely Results

You will find that as you work with The Sedona Method, it will give you much more than you bargained for or even dreamed possible.

  • What happens may surprise you
  • Release even long-standing problems
  • Become more aware and more successful

As you continue to use The Sedona Method, you will become more adept at using it, and the results will greatly accelerate over time. You will quickly reach a point where releasing becomes completely second nature. As natural, in fact, as breathing is to you now. You will also discover a whole new way of being naturally happy and at peace.

Principles of My Work

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Integrative Yoga Therapy

It is an in-depth understanding of a health condition as well as the specific needs of an individual. Training is extremely student-centered with the teacher acting as a facilitator who guides the student toward awakening. The goal is for the student to find their true selves and sources of wellness. IYT helps each student develop harmoniously in their body, mind, and spirit. See: What Is A Yoga Therapist?

Gentle Mindful Yoga

There are so many ‘Western’ names given to Yoga these days.  Most of them are purely Physical exercises and do not have the (in my mind) more powerful gifts Yoga has to often.  For Example:

  • Learning and understand the Power of our Breath (Life Force).
  • Learning to balance the mind, the body, and the spirit (breath) through the Asanas or poses.

Cathy integrates the ‘best of the best’ mixture of each he many styles of Yoga she has been trained in. This eclectic yoga concept is unique to Cathy. She believes that teaching this style of yoga provides the best means for a student’s self-discovery.

Registered Professional Yoga Instructor

Cathy is trained and registered as a Professional Yoga Therapist through Integrative Yoga Therapy Institute.  Also registered as a Certified Yoga Therapist through International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Words from Cathy

“In my own life Yoga is one of the greatest gifts I’ve received. It not only enhances health and vitality, but it also brings lasting inner peace, happiness, and wellness”, said Cathy Daley. “It has always been my intention to provide a setting where it would be easy for everyone to experience Yoga’s life-enhancing benefits regardless of their age, health or situation in life.”


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